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Instantly reach your customer's “constant companion” (their cell phone).

Text opt-in (mobile messaging) with SENTEXT is an amazing new way to get existing customers back for extra monthly visits and bring in new customers. 

SENTEXT really works!

It works because customers have this in common:       

  • They always have their Cell Phones with them,
  • 97% text every day,
  • 79% rely on text opt-in to make purchase decisions,
  •  99% of text messages get read, most in 3 to 5 minutes.

SENTEXT Special Offer:  3 Months Free!

No Set-up fee - no text charges for 3 months - 3 month contract

Text “Free4Life” TO (410-937-9933) To Schedule an Online Appointment for More Details: Click Here or email:

SENTEXT has 8 years of experience with tens of thousands of satisfied customers and have earned a 98% customer retention rate.  Their merchants broadcast 10 million messages to 4 million of their customers monthly with less than 1% opting out.

Customer’s Respond within Minutes

Less Expense + More Activity = More Profits

A successful text opt-in program is an amazing new business tool that does two essential things for your business:

 (1) Brings existing customers back in extra times during the month.

 (2) Brings new customers in during the month.

It’s as simple as PROMOTE, ENGAGE, & RESPOND. 

You’ll PROMOTE your text opt-in (mobile messaging) program throughout your business and on all your other media assets. Your customers and future customers will see your VIP mobile club signage that we design, pull out their cell phones and opt-into your program. After that happens you’re in compliance and will ENGAGE your members (broadcast messages). The fun part is when your mobile club members RESPOND = ($$$$). It’s really that simple.

All we need is about 10 minutes to show you how to get started
Let’s get you started TODAY!!