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Insurance Solutions

For Business Owners, Employees and their families we work as Independent Brokers of Insurance Solutions with appropriate Key-Person and Buy/Sell strategies for the Owners and free Online Life Insurance Quoting for employees as well as independent research to find optimal solutions. 

We also offer a unique online direct shopping platform for various Insurance products including: life, accident, catastrophic illness, disability, dental, vision, final expense and coverage for children. Using this platform you can receive 500 free scholarship award points for tuition (value $500) in over 400 private Colleges and Universities. No purchase is necessary - simply visit and enter the Scholarship Discounts portal and you can sign up for  FREE College Tuition Scholarship Awards.

Other insurance products available on Bridgeway Savings include Long-term Care and Annuities designed for protection in retirement. You may also use our online direct platform to sell your life insurance policy that you may no longer need.

We provide you a critical Estate Preservation Tool called Legacy Armour which is a secure online encrypted storage vault where you can store all of your important documents, financial records and personal information including photos, etc.

You will be given multiple encrypted vaults and assign different recipients, so you can choose what information gets automatically delivered to whom based on different delivery options such as date, death or even incapacitation. You have full control!

Legacy Armour allows you to connect your financial accounts and designate auto delivery of bank names, account numbers, and balances to select family members if something happens. You will also have access to important Estate Planning tools and forms.