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Are Your Group Health Care Premiums Too High?

Our business partners have pioneered a program that gives employers the ability to lower premiums on their existing Group Health Plans while reducing employee Out-of-Pocket expenses by as much $16,000 per employee annually. In addition, this pioneering program will reduce FICA taxes saving you up to $500 per employee annually (for example: 1000 employees x 500 = $500,000).

Click Here to Take This Survey to See if Your Business Qualifies for Lower Health Plan Premiums?

If your business qualifies, your savings can all be accomplished without changing healthcare providers and with zero-net cost to the employer and employees! This program provides significant add-on benefits to both you and your employees.

We are pre-screening companies for this revolutionary program. Click here to complete a short HIPPAA Compliant Survey to see if you qualify.

Upon the completion of the survey we will review the potential for your company to work with us to lower health insurance premiums and save your company up to $500 per employee with this groundbreaking initiative.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the survey to provide some basic, and completely non-sensitive information, about the current plan you offer your employees. After our evaluation, you will be contacted to let you know if your company qualifies and to set up a meeting with one of our Licensed Advisors who will explain the program in detail.

Because of the complexity of this program it is important to begin the process as soon as possible so that everything is in place and ready for your next enrollment.