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Business Financial Solutions to Relieve Stress 

Our goal is to help you find ways to decrease stress and increase profits without major out of pocket outlays. Here are some opportunities that can help your bottom line in this extraordinary time of financial challenge. In some cases there may be an inordinate amount of time required and you need cash now. In that case, please utilize our NEW SURVEY TOOL FOR QUICKER ACCESS TO CASH

(1) If you have owned a Commercial Building of greater value than $500,000 for less than 20 years, or if there have been renovations within the last 15 years, you will want to check the availability of a specialized Commercial Building Tax Credit. This can potentially mean saving hundreds of thousands of dollars giving you access to extra cash in a short turn around time.

(2) The CARES Act expands the availability of small business loans under Section 7(a) of the Small Business Act to include the new Paycheck Protection Program. The proceeds of these loans may be used for payroll costs, mortgage interest, rent, utilities and interest on certain other debt. Up to 100% of these loans may be forgiven, subject to certain restrictions.

Eligibility includes any business with fewer than 500 employees including Sole Proprietors. The requirements to provide collateral and a personal guarantee have been waived. Interest rates may not exceed 4%. The maximum amount to be borrowed cannot exceed $10 million or 2.5 times the average total monthly payroll.

(3) If there are other business financing needs we have many years of experience with access to over 150 lenders, including hedge fund and bridge loans, with an extensive variety of lending programs.

(4) Immediately improve your bottom line cutting utility cost without capital expenditure and without incurring debt. Savings are immediate WITHOUT cash outlay or debt obligation.

(5) Save even more on taxes with the CARES Act Employee Retention Payroll Tax Credit. There are credits available for employers who are closed, partially closed, or experiencing significant revenue losses as a result of COVID-19. Also take advantage hiring incentive tax credits for NEW HIRES and current employee tax credits now available. 

Let our experts work with your tax professional for implementation. Our Employee Retention Tax Credit Software will help your tax professional capture this extra cash.

(6) Do you qualify for a tax refund with interest for a business development tax credit that you have not taken? Are you being properly served in the analysis and application for this credit? Give us a 10 minute "no fee" phone call to find out.

(7) Save money on your phone bill and Internet. If you are paying more than $17.99 per line per month, you are spending too much. Also, with so many employees now having to work from home, it may be to your advantage to sign up for a special $14.99 per line pricing for  ''off premise soft phone lines''. Additionally, we can review, without obligation, your current Internet service for the purpose of identifying a better value. We are not captive to any particular telecommunications carrier or internet service provider.

(8) Finally, Credit Card Merchant Account Auditing is available without you having to change the current Merchant Account provider. When savings are realized the Auditing service participates in the savings. There is only a fee if savings are realized.

Just take a few moments to review with us any recommendation that might be of interest. You will not get a bill, or consulting fee, and communication will be either by phone or online – no personal visit is necessary – please stay safe!   

Call (513) 752-2393 or Text (410) 937-9933 to get questions answered.