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Business  Information  Protection  with  LegacyArmour

Protect Your Critical Business Information With LegacyArmour

LegacyArmour is a life monitoring platform where you can store business-critical information in LegacyArmour secure vaults, and have it delivered to designated personnel only if something happened to you or to other key executives.

Your LegacyArmour Vault comes with world class military grade encryption. Your information is protected with "zero knowledge" encryption.

That means that no one sees, or ever can see your business information, until it is released to the designated recipient at the time that you select for release, as upon your death, incapacity, departure, or transfer from the business, or computer breach.

Imagine someone delivering to you a safe - you store valuable information in that safe and lock the safe. Only you have the code to unlock it. LegacyArmour then picks up the safe and stores it. They never see the information nor does LegacyArmour have access to that information!

Because it is encrypted in a "virtual safe" it can be and will be stored in multiple locations throughout the United States. It is Microsoft Secure in multiple locations. In other words, there are multiple backups. No one else offers this type of "fail safe" encrypted protection.


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