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Great News for Legacy Preservation

Great News for Legacy Preservation

| July 15, 2020
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Have you ever "mislaid" a really important document?

We don’t mean an old receipt or a letter from the bank. We are talking about critical documents: agreements, signed contracts, logins, passwords, Insurance policies, that kind of thing - most of us have.

It is easy to put an important document “somewhere safe” only to completely forget about it, or worse, throw it out with a bunch of other, less critical documents. Or maybe we put it all on a thumb drive and then put it in the drawer.

Usually of course, it’s just an annoyance, something you get over in a day or so. But sometimes losing that document could be life changing for you and your family.

So that begs the question; if something happened to you today, if you fell ill, were injured or worse, at exactly the moment your family needed to know where everything is, are you absolutely sure they could find what they need?

Would they have access to the life insurance policy or could they access your cash? They will need it of course. But would they know where your bank accounts are and the logins and passwords to access them?

These days, everything is digital. Keeping track of it and making sure your family can access it when they need to is getting more complex, until today!

There’s a  brand new way to be absolutely sure that your "digital life," the documents, instructions and passwords you want passed on to family members are just a couple of mouse clicks away when they are needed.

You simply scan or photograph your documents and upload them to your personal encrypted digital vault. Then you designate the person you want to take over the vault access to the information and fulfill your wishes when that time eventually comes. Yes, it’s that simple.

This is complete "set and forget" approach to peace of mind: yours and the people you love. And it costs less than the price of a take away coffee each week. Click Here for Details.

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