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We represent Asset Services, Inc., a leading national and international provider of fixed asset services specializing in physical fixed asset and equipment inventory solutions including appraisals and evaluations for organizations in a variety of industries, including: hospitals and healthcare, IT asset management, government, education, school districts, colleges and universities, and corporations and professional organizations.

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The mission of Asset Services, Inc. is to assist organizations manage their significant investment in fixed assets through a comprehensive physical asset inventory and audit process. Asset Services has performed physical asset inventories in 49 states, 25 countries and five continents. 

Asset Services has been providing physical fixed asset inventories for over 25 years. Starting as a provider of regional asset inventory services, Asset Services has expanded to provide solutions to clients on a national and global level. Our inventory teams have provided asset inventory services worldwide, covering all continents except Antarctica and Africa.

Inventory Solutions

Asset Services specializes in physical fixed asset and equipment inventory solutions for:

·   Hospitals & Healthcare

·   School Districts & Universities

·   Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM)

·   Manufacturing

·   Government

·   Not-For-Profit

·   Corporate Offices


 Asset Services provides our clients with a       range of fixed asset management solutions. 

·   Wall to Wall Physical 
Equipment Inventory

·   Clinical Engineering Biomed Equipment Verification

·   Building Mechanical &
Physical Plant Inventory

·   Appraisal & Valuations

·   Reconciliation

·   Hosted Asset Management

Why Asset Services?

With over 25 years of experience, Asset Services has developed a proven methodology for efficient and accurate inventory results.

Asset Services personnel are professional, background screened, credentialed, and bonded.