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Our consulting teams help small and mid-size business owners find money on their dollar without taking a risk of loss! Click Here to Book a Call to Find Greater Profitability in 15 Minutes or Less without risk or consultation fee.

We offer unique business expense saving and enhanced cash flow solutions.

Cost Cutting Opportunities:

Employee Benefits 

Group Health Plans

Gas & Electric Rates 

Merchant Account Fees 

Telecom and IT Services

Utility Equipment Upgrades

Cash Flow Improvement Options:  

Account Receivables Recovery 

Business Tax Credits & Deductions

Questions About Tax Credits, Deductions & Cost Recovery?  Click Here for Help

With the many changes and complexities in the tax laws coming from the new CARES Act and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) it is more important than ever for the small and mid-sized business owner to take advantage of specialized tax credits and deductions, and cash flow initiatives that are designed to preserve and stimulate business profitability.

Primarily serving the Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Indiana, Tri-State area, we provide a free analysis using our proprietary software to conduct a simple no-risk assessment. This allows us to identify and quantify immediate cost and tax saving opportunities.  

Bridgeway Savings, Business & Insurance Solutions, provides state of the art software platforms to help Business Owners find money, improve cash flow and profitability by networking with a national team of Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, Accounting Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Financial Institutions and Consultants that provide free nationwide consultation.

Our team is committed to helping Business Owners add money to their bottom line without risk and helping employees and families with insurance protection needs. We conduct the research and analysis for these opportunities at our expense. Our "Business Savings" suite of services are offered on a contingent fee basis. We benefit only if you benefit.

Our network partners have found millions in savings for Business Owners! We spend money to get money back for your business showing you how to improve your profits without charging an advisory fee. We only get paid from your success. 


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