Our Partners at Integrated Financial Network (IFN) understand, that to attract and retain good employees, you need to offer a flexible retirement plan to meet your employee’s retirement needs. With proven retirement plan products, we can help you create and maintain a quality plan tailored specifically for your organization.

 IFN can help you design the right plan, offering solutions you desire. Take just a moment to learn about the next step in our process: Click Here - Designing Your Retirement Plan.

Email info@BridgewayBusinessSolutions.com or call 513-752-2393 to schedule an appointment for review and upgrade of your 401(K). Consultation is offered without charge or obligation.

Committed to providing comprehensive services and platforms, IFN delivers plan features and options including:

  • Diverse, extensive investment portfolio
  • Full-service or investment-only service platforms
  • Enrollment and education support
  • Online plan and account access

IFN retirement plan professionals provide consulting services to develop the solutions you want and assistance you needs:

  • Customized plan designs
  • Fiduciary assistance
  • Ongoing monitoring of plan design and administration
  • Annual plan review
  • Communications regarding legislative and regulatory updates

Throughout the retirement planning process, you need a strong partner by your side.

Step 1: Decide on a proven retirement plan provider

Deciding upon a provider is an important first step in developing your retirement plan. It determines, in large part, the strength and service you can expect down the road.

Whether your business is establishing a new retirement plan, or building upon an existing plan, IFN is a company you can entrust with your employees’ financial future. There’s no better time than now to decide on IFN as your preferred provider.

The advantages of your retirement plan could include:

  • Pre-tax or tax-deductible contributions
  • Key recruiting tool
  • Roth tax-free distributions
  • Tax-deferred accumulations
  • Systematic plan for retirement savings
  • Supplement to Social Security
  • Hedge against inflation