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Commercial property owners  lower your taxes here Save up to $9,600 for every employee you hire My 401k Network Surprise! You’ve Got Money! Get the Business Capital that you need Telecommunication Savings Free Tuition Award Points


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 Our consulting teams help you find money on their dollar without you taking a risk of loss!

In these financial stressful times for business owners we have very specific recommendations that can help you. Simply take a few minutes to review them by CLICKING HERE 

Discover how you can find money in 15 minutes without risk. We match your business profile with opportunities for business capital to grow your business and cost remediation to increase your profits. We provide specialized auditing services, utility and telecom savings, and identify specialized Federal, State and Local tax incentives without interrupting your daily business. 

Schedule Your Online Appointment to Improve Profitability in 15 Minutes - No Fee!

As Independent Brokers of Insurance Solutions for Business Owners, Families and Individuals we provide free Online Life Insurance Quoting as well as independent research to find the best solution. 

We also offer a unique online direct shopping platform for various Insurance products where you can receive 500 free scholarship award points for tuition (value $500) in over 400 private Colleges and Universities. No purchase is necessary - simply visit and enter the Scholarship Discounts portal and you can sign up for  FREE College Tuition Scholarship Awards.

Bridgeway Savings, Business & Insurance Solutions, provides state of the art software platforms to help Business Owners find money and improve cash flow by networking with a national team of Project Managers, Engineers, IP Attorneys, Insurance Professionals, Industry Specialists, Property Tax Attorneys, Financial Institutions and Consultants that provide free nationwide consultation.

Our team is committed to helping Business Owners add money to their bottom line without risk and helping employees and families with insurance protection needs. We conduct the research and analysis for these opportunities at our expense. Our "Business Savings" suite of services are offered on a contingent fee basis. We benefit only if you benefit.

Our network partners have found millions in savings for Business Owners!  

We spend money to get money back for your business showing you how to improve your profits without charging an advisory fee. We only get paid from your success. 


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